An Unprecedented Election

In the light of specific and unique conditions under which 2020 parliamentary, provincial, and local elections in Serbia were called, stopped, and continued, CeSID’s expert team has prepared an analysis of the election process starting from March 4th until the beginning of May 2020.

The analysis „An Unprecedented Election” explains and provides relevant information on the fragile political and social context of elections, but also on the work of independent bodies, media, and election participants, with special focus on a campaign before, during, and after the state of emergency. You can download the document here, or, if you want to read it in Serbian, click here

CeSID calls on all participants in the election to act responsibly, defuse tensions, and strictly follow public health recommendations. Our organisation appeals to the authorities to be proactive in this campaign and prevent any violations of laws, and to the media to make room for a variety of differing opinions, especially as participants will now not be able to communicate with voters directly.

The analysis was created as one of the results of the project „Election Dialogue: improving electoral conditions for a more robust electoral process in Serbia“, which CeSID implements with the support of the Open Society Foundation.

* The positions presented in this report are not necessarily those of the Open Society Foundation.